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Pay Per Click Management

PPC Management Company in Ahmedabad

Google Adwords Management

Our team of Google Adwords experts carries extensive experience in managing paid campaigns. We help you bring quality traffic to your set budgets. Looking for the best PPC Company in India? Get a free quote today.

YouTube Ads Management

Youtube ads management is something that is chosen by just a few people in the industry. We formulate unique strategies that will be much more effective than anything you've tried before.

Remarketing & Display Ads

Remarketing requires a lot of planning and analysis of the data at hand. A team of professionals can only accomplish the task of this level of complexity. With us, you will be able to remarket ads like never before.

Google Analytics Tracking

It is hard to juggle both a business and handling the advertising together. With our services, you'll see the growth and get a hand with keeping track of your Google's analytics.

Data-driven, ROI Effective PPC Advertising at its best.
Across multiple Pay Per Click networks.

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Why Choose Us ?


Improve ROI

Thanksweb promise to give the best return on investment out of all the services out there. With our experts who have done this work for many years, you'll get the best this service has to offer.


Campaign Report Management

The very best way to know whether something is working in your favour is to have a transparent report of it. With a report that explains every detail, it is easy to decide future steps.


PPC Landing Page Creation

PPC landing page design created by the team to lock in the clients who click on the ad is the best way to have highly relevant content and generate results.


Batter Leads & Sales

PPC services offer leads and sales that are a lot higher than what you'd get from any other tool. This makes it the right choice for every brand.


Increased Paid Traffic

An increase in paid traffic is difficult to achieve, but PPC can achieve it efficiently and effectively. We are well equipped to help you get paid traffic.


Google Ads Campaign Set up

Setting up an google adwords campaign is much more convenient this dow in terms of choice of keywords, bids etc. With the right campaign, you will see tremendous growth.


Creating Ad Content

With our services creating ad content will become very easy. You can work out the goals and desired outcomes to get top-notch ad content.


Reduced CPC

Ours is a reasonable service, and we believe in being fair to our clients. That's why we give you the opportunity for growth at such a low price.


Bid Management

With our service, you don't have to worry about the process at all, whether it is bid management or later parts of the process.

PPC India Faq

Have any questions?

What is PPC management services?

PPC management service is the process of managing a company's Google advertisement. This is the task of a PPC management agency. The best PPC management services in Ahmedabad also manage overall advertising, from the ad set up to the result generation.

How much does pay per click cost in 2022?

The cost of PPC depends on your target audience and the duration of the ad. Although there is no specific answer, these services yield a great return on investment.

Is PPC Services is Right for my Business?

No matter which business you own, there is no such thing as too much advertising. To get the best results from PPC services, you need to spread the net more comprehensive, and so, PPC services are an excellent idea.

How Expensive are PPC services?

PPC can be of a reasonable price if you look at the right places. We are an affordable PPC management company, and you will find that the results are excellent. Our packages start at 6,999 INR only.

How long does it take for these strategies to work?

You will be able to see changes; you only have to wait for 3-6 hours. But to see how this service has transformed your business, you have to wait a couple of months.

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