SEO Cost Calculator

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SEO is required in order to attract your target audience's attention. But predicting the amount of money you should spend on SEO and the number of site visitors you should anticipate receiving in return is challenging.

An SEO cost calculator may be able to assist you with this issue. This tool will produce a monthly budget for you as well as an estimate of the number of visits you may expect every month.

SEO Cost Calculator

In what way does the SEO Cost Calculator function?

With the SEO Cost Calculator, you can obtain an idea of how much it will cost you to write the number of blog posts you specify each month.If you write a lot of blog entries a month, you'll need more money.

A well-paid content writer might expect to make 20,000 Rs. per month while churning out 30 blog entries. He/she will research a topic that will interest their target audience, and then write informative blog entries on that issue.

25000 Rs/month is the wage of an experienced SEO expert. By conducting keyword research and promoting the blog, he or she will assist the writer.

The cost of hiring an SEO agency or individual freelancer is around the same.

You can also change the wages of a content creator and an SEO specialist using this calculator. However, as the cost of labour decreases, so does the quality of the website's content, so will the number of visitors. If you raise the salary, you'll see an increase in the number of visits to your website. More SEO friendly blog posts will also bring in more traffic to your site.

SEO Cost Calculator