Prepare your Website for Next Google Algorithm Updates

December 21, 2017

Websites get their life from their rankings on the search engines. But Google has a long history of refreshes and algorithm updates. The largest search engine Google keeps on evolving with time. Every SEO and blogger needs to get familiar with Google updates. Google algorithms might change your rankings. So how you can prepare your website for the upcoming Google updates.

No need to dread the newer likes of Penguin and Panda. You can plan your SEO strategies to safeguard your site against forthcoming updates. Join us here to understand how to prepare your website for next Google updates.

Mobile Index Update

The big G is incessantly thriving to boost search mechanism for the mobile users. No website can ignore mobile searches today. And so mobile first index update too should not be ignored as well. The Google algorithm may now use the mobile version of your site to rank it over the desktop version. This update is likely to be introduced in the beginning of 2018.

Those with the dynamic or responsive site have no issues. But those with separate sites for mobile and desktop need to make your desktop version website responsive. You will also have to improve your website on mobile in terms of user interface, design, content, and speed.

HTTPS Compliant Sites

Google already said that HTTPS will improve your rank boost up to 1%. However, Google is likely to increase this impact to more than 1%. Many publishers are delaying this change. Now it might be a high time for this switching over. Without worrying about the redirects, make the thing simple. Get your site updated to HTTPS to stop any downside in rankings. Because HTTPS update signifies that sites will be affected if you collect data without SSL certificates. HTTPS means that data exchange of customers is safe.

Stay Ahead with Speed

It is no more a surprise the Google will consider the page speed even more. Google has discovered many results meeting a click back to result page. Hence, if your site is suffering from speed loading issues and bounce rates, be serious. Update your site as Google is keeping a close eye on any speed related issue. The engine might not tolerate searcher’s withdrawal due to bounce rates and speed. It may penalize publishers for such issues.

Extend User Experience with Structured Data

Add more structured data to your web pages. Start adding images. The search engine is hoping to deliver faster and richer results to satisfy its users. You can implement this by adding rich snippets and graphs. Though not liked by many publishers, this might be the trend in the coming times as well.

In short, do emphasize your mobile development if you are preparing your site for new Google Updates. Cross check your website for the mobile first index. Enrich your site with more structured data and faster loads. Think seriously about moving your sit to HTTPS if you have not. Keep in tuned with us to know more about Google algorithm updates.

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