Google Introduces Updated Desktop Search Design

Google Introduces Updated Desktop Search Design
March 03, 2023

Once again, Google’s redesign of its desktop search has made search results more appealing and user-friendly.

Recently, it was announced that Google’s desktop version would soon include the same updated search results design that was first launched for mobile devices earlier last October. The testing phase for the desktop version began in November, and it is now finished and available for use.

New Up to date Desktop Search Design

The new upgrade makes it easier for users to recognise websites in search results and advertisements by displaying favicons, site names, and sponsored labels in Google’s desktop search results.

Google intended to improve user experience by visually differentiating between search results from different websites and paid and non-paid advertisements.

Google Introduces Updated Desktop Search Design

What are favicons?

A favicon is a visual representation (icon) connected to a specific Web page or Website. It identifies a Web site and is displayed in the address bar or tabs.

What changes were brought by Google to displaying ads?

Google’s new strategy is to separate paid advertisements from organic search results. As a result, they are now clearly labelling such paid advertisements. In addition, instead of the small “Ad” tag they previously had, these results will now have a larger “Sponsored” tag.

The tag is bold to make it stand out and be easy to read on various forms of paid content.

These updates will boost transparency and clarity for both advertisers and users.

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Why mentioning site names is advantageous?

When listing in the search results, Google now displays the URL of the Website that created a certain page. This is known as the site name.

Google automatically determines the site name from several different sources, but you may specify your preference by providing Website structured data. Structured data makes it simpler for Google’s technologies to understand your content better, benefiting users by delivering more relevant search results.


The tech giant Google has yet again created another wave of technical supremacy over rival search engines proving why it’s the best in its field.

Google can alter the favicon’s size to increase visibility and leave a lasting impression on users. Advertisements with sponsored labels make it easier for users to distinguish between paid and organic results, and repeatedly seeing the site names in search results makes it easier for users to recall their website. To know latest google update’s follow SEO company in Ahmedabad.