Top 3 SEO Guidelines Every Web Designers Should Follow

December 21, 2021

Web designers can create magic by putting into use their creativity and using all those designs and ideas to make a website look appealing. They can make a website user-friendly as well. Of course, the stunning visual effects and smooth UI can attract visitors. But what about impressing Google? It won’t be impressed by the creative designs and patterns on a website. The colours and graphic visual appeal of a website will not help it rank high in search engine results. 

How to solve this issue? How can a web designer rank a website high in search engine results? SEO can be the saviour of a professional web designer. Want to know how? Read on!

SEO Guidelines for Web Designers

#1. Mobile-friendly Designs

Make sure that the website you have designed looks equally appealing on a mobile screen as well. The majority of people prefer scrolling through different websites on their handy and compact smartphones. Hence ensure that the graphics that you use go well with a smartphone screen as well. The visitors will be convinced only when a specific website can be opened easily on mobiles, laptops, and desktops seamlessly. This factor definitely impacts Google analytics.

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#2. Priority to Customers

Web designing implies the process of using different hues and patterns to reflect the idea and values of a business website. Therefore, a professional web designer should prepare a design strategy, keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the customers. When a web designer designs and structures the website while keeping the customers as a priority, customers find those sites as swift, useful, and easy to access.

#3. Structure of the Website

A website’s content or designs will not be able to impact a reader as deeply as the infographics, words, or videos will do. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an idea about the glancing pattern of the target audience of the website. Make sure whether it is a zig-zag pattern, Z pattern, or F pattern. 

Dealing with SEO and web design can be a stressful task. Rent the services of the best SEO company that can help you with SEO guidelines for your career as a web designer. Web designers at Thanksweb are well aware of SEO guidelines, so you can trust them to develop your website.