What is Geofencing Marketing?

What is Geofencing Marketing?
April 08, 2024

If you are doing business and have been going through various ways of marketing, you must have heard about the cool new trending term called geofencing marketing. We all know what marketing is but geofencing seems like a new term. but in reality, this isn’t the case. Geofencing has become common since the advent of smartphones.

But What is Geofencing?

The term “geofencing” refers to a location-based service whereby an app or other program uses cellular data, Wi-Fi, GPS, or radio frequency identification (RFID) to initiate a targeted action, such as sending a text, email, social media ad, or app notification, whenever a mobile device or RFID tag enters or leaves a virtual geographic boundary.

Okay, but What Happens in Geofencing Marketing?

To simplify geofencing marketing for you, let’s start with an example. When someone goes to a Starbucks in Nexus Select Citywalk in Saket, Delhi, and gets a push message on their phone saying, “Get a free Mango Dragonfruit refresher with the purchase of a strawberry Acai Refresher. For a limited time only, today only!” This is a basic example of geotargeted marketing utilizing geofencing.

Businesses can communicate with customers in real-time based on their geographic location through the use of such a trigger, which commonly takes the form of tailored advertising messages. So, geofencing makes mobile marketing services more relevant and personalized, which could lead to more engagement and conversions from customers.

When it comes to location-based marketing, geomarketing solutions incorporate Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID, and Bluetooth. A virtual barrier around a specific location, like your corporate premises, allows enterprises to engage their audience in a more tailored and compelling way through the powerful fusion of such technologies. Geofencing and mobile marketing agencies can then use this information to serve tailored ads to users inside the specified area.

In this way, the geofencing system can detect when a mobile device, such as a smartphone, enters or leaves a specific area and perform an appropriate action.

How Geofencing Marketing Might Help Your Business?

By utilizing geofencing technology, your business may instantly promote your local store, service, or product to everyone who walks within the virtual boundary around your establishment. Using Facebook’s mobile marketing capabilities as an example, you may reach out to local prospects with highly personalized messages that are guaranteed to pique their interest.

Customers can be informed of limited-time discounts and deals in specific areas via geofencing. As an example, a retail store may use a geofencing advertising network to notify customers of sales and other promotions whenever they approach the store’s designated area. Businesses can boost their sales using this strategy, which involves advertising to people in the immediate area who are more likely to make a purchase.

How Do We Help You with Targeted Geofencing Ads?

At Thanksweb, we run ads on various geofencing advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook (now Meta) and Instagram for location-based advertising.

How Do We Make Geofencing Marketing Possible For You?

1. We Aim at a target audience that is in the Vicinity of Your Business

Just like any other form of marketing, knowing your potential customers is essential for the success of any marketing campaign, At Thanksweb, the geofencing marketing campaign starts with audience research in order to create targeted ads that will appeal to them. When it comes to our geofencing marketing services, we aim at people who fit the profile of target customers who are nearby the area of your business.

2. Maintaining a Boundaries

Setting boundaries is an essential part of the geofencing marketing strategy. In order to effectively target potential customers, our experts consider your competitors while setting geofencing areas. Another part of we consider is setting a geofencing area within a five-minute radius of your business so that your target consumers can reach you easily.

3. Consider Time

Every location has its own pace, while some locations are bustling in the morning at 10 others might be jam packed at 7 in the evening. Knowing when your target customers arrive is important. Time-based marketing strategies along with Geofencing allow you to catch customers at the right time at the right place and increase the chances of them receiving offers and promotions when they are most likely receptive.

4. Keep the Call to Action Short and To the Point

Consider enticing call-to-action as it is the key to marketing campaign success. Instead of going for vague statements like “try our Cake” go for something like “Offer of the day – Buy our Cheese Cake and Coffee Combo at 50% off, ” In short the call of action should make people want to take action in a limited time while they’re in that locality.

Benefits of Geofencing Marketing

Your local search engine optimization efforts can be completely transformed by geofencing. There are a lot of reasons to work with geofencing marketing agencies, and one of them is putting your business on geofencing advertising platforms.

Here are Some of the Reasons How Marketing Companies Can help your business

Raise Awareness and Revenue in Your Locality

Marketing on geofencing platforms can increase foot traffic and sales by attracting more local customers. Digital marketing companies can help you use geofencing techniques more effectively and help your business by showing it in local search results at the exact moment that potential clients in your locality are searching for your products or services.

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

You can learn more about your marketing effectiveness and get useful insights for future campaigns with the help of geomarketing analysis. Geofencing marketing services by marketing agencies can help you draw in customers and monitor their actions using a variety of analytics including sales, average stay time, and visit frequency.

Improved and Tailored User Experience

Geofencing marketing agencies can help you with data to create personalized communications that really connect with your intended audience and provide an improved user experience. They can also help you discover which deals attract customers and help you learn more about the demographics of the local population with the help of your geofencing advertising campaign.

If you find that a certain age group is more interested in one of your products than another, you can adjust your marketing to appeal to that demographic and increase sales. Your geofencing marketing campaigns will be more successful if you optimize your strategy with the help of geomarketing data.

Thanksweb: Reach Out to Local, Highly-Intent Customers

With Thanksweb you can take advantage of geofencing and mobile marketing services to have more meaningful, timely interactions with your audience. To begin with a Geofencing Marketing Campaign, please contact us.