Meta Announces Major Updates to Advantage+ and Shopping Ads

Meta announces major updates to Advantage+ and Shopping Ads
March 26, 2024

Meta revealed a series of changes to its Advantage+ and shopping ads that are meant to help brands get:

  • More people to interact with their ads.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Make ads more relevant to each person.

Meta’s Game-Changing Updates to Advantage+ and Shopping Ads

Ads Customized For Customers

With this tool, video ads can now be automatically made to fit Reels or the 9:16 Facebook and Instagram apps on phones. Advantage+ creative optimizations also let businesses make different versions of ads on the fly, based on what each person likes, so they are as effective as possible.

The Power of Video

Update on Advantage+ store ads. Instead of just still pictures, advertisers can now include branded videos or demos of the product. Also, all marketers around the world can now use dynamic and personalized videos to give shoppers more interesting information about their products:

Catalog ads that have product videos are better than others

Now, advertisers can put a star picture in the middle of their Advantage+ catalog ads. Then, Meta will use AI to show people the best goods from their catalog on the fly, as seen below, to boost performance:

Making Integrations for Easier

There are more choices for eCommerce ads. Meta is making its Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations easier for more merchants to use in Shop ads. This includes putting together shop ads and Advantage+ shopping efforts. In addition, Meta is adding Shop ads to Partnership ads so that businesses can work together on projects with creators, brands, or other businesses.

Ads that remind

Advertisers can now add external links to new goods or sales to their reminder ads, which makes it more likely that people will buy after seeing them. Also, this summer, Meta will add more ways for sponsors to let users know when an event starts and right before it ends. Also, Meta wants to add reminder ads to Reels so that marketers can connect with customers in more interactive ways.

Coupon Codes

Meta is introducing alphanumeric promo codes around the world so that more marketers can show off their deals and so that users can find and use valid promo codes through Facebook and Instagram ads. Meta says that marketers who have used this feature before saw a median drop of 9.1% in the cost per purchase in their campaigns and a median rise of 10.1% in conversions.

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Ads that have product tags get a big boost

Meta will add ads with product tags to the Facebook Feed in March. These ads are only available on Instagram right now. If a business doesn’t have a shop, Meta will start advertising with product tags for all businesses around the world in April.

Updates to collaborative ads

Meta is making its collaborative ad feature better by giving marketers more information about how well their ads are doing. Meta is also testing the idea of letting marketers use collaborative ads along with Advantage+ shopping campaigns.


Staying up to date on Meta’s newest advertising features and tools can have a big effect on your success. These changes might help you reach more people, get more sales, and learn how to make your ads work better by giving you useful information.