Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Get Hacked

October 20, 2021

In most cases, WordPress websites become the target of cyber hacking and break-ins. But why does this intrusion take place on WordPress websites? The main reason for this is that WordPress has 31% of websites around the world. This immense popularity makes WordPress websites vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals.

Hackers can attack a website for various reasons: for example, beginners simply take advantage of the less secure sites, while experienced hackers try to spread malware or attack a significant site.

Let us explore the top 5 reasons which make WordPress prone to cyber-attacks

#1. Weak Passwords

Weak passwords can very easily give away your website to hackers. Make sure you use a strong password that cannot be easily identified by others.

#2. Insecure Web Hosting

When the web hosting company is not sturdy and powerful enough, all the websites hosted on its server can come under the radar of cyber hackers. A user should select a web hosting company that is secure enough, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the website. 

#3. Incorrect File Permissions

Often, users tend to use the wrong file permissions, and this gives access to the hackers to write as well as change these files.

#4. Unprotected Access to WordPress Admin

The admin area is the place from where the user can perform different actions on his WordPress website. However, it is the favourite hacking spot among cybercriminals. The user should not leave the admin area unprotected. One can try adding multiple layers of authentication so no one else gets access to the WP admin area.

#5. Not Updating WordPress

Regular updates are necessary because, with each new update, WordPress fixes multiple bugs and several security vulnerabilities. So, if the user is not updating his WordPress website, his site will be open to vulnerabilities. A user needs to create a backup and then run an update. 

Now that you know the reasons which make WordPress sites vulnerable to cyberattacks, make sure you do not repeat these mistakes and create a website that is robust and secure. For a secured system for your website, connect with a dedicated WordPress developer at Thanksweb.

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