How to Drive Website Traffic using Image Optimization Tricks?

September 28, 2021

SEO optimization is a comprehensive concept that includes several aspects, such as the inclusion of content, website optimization, social media management, and much more. Such an important part of SEO practice is image optimization. This technique is greatly underestimated and has immense potential to improve the visibility of a business website online.

Images tend to engage users and increase their interest, so investing in high-quality visual content can actually lead to more traffic. Not forgetting that image optimization also helps to improve page loading times, improve the user experience, and provide added value to users.

If you want to boost website traffic with image optimization tricks, this blog will definitely serve your purpose.

Top 3 Proven Ways to Manage Traffic with Efficient Image SEO

#1 A Smart Choice of Images 

Always look for relevant and highly compelling images. Make sure your images are in sync with your user’s search intentions. The images you use should reflect the core of your blog or provide the reader with illustrative value. Don’t worry, adding theme-oriented images isn’t a big deal. However, make sure you place the images near the accompanying headline or text.

#2 Correct Image Format

Trust us when we say that search engines are in love with high-resolution images. If you use the right image file type, you will certainly be able to increase the loading speed of your site, so always choose the best format Webp, PNG, JPG, SVG, or GIF that suits your purpose.

#3 Apt Image File Size

If you use large image file sizes, your page can load more slowly. To improve your SEO performance, compress the images to smaller file sizes. However, make sure you do not compromise on resolution or quality.

Thanksweb offers services that help you drive website traffic. The experts understand SEO optimization requires smart work and the use of the right technology. Image optimization is indeed a great way to improve your search engine optimization practices. Try these tips and experience better SEO performance.

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