Top 5 Tools for Digital Marketer

May 20, 2021

Being a digital marketer, you simply cannot overlook the efficient SEO tools. These tools are the best ways to bring your website out of the mist of low rankings. Here advising the top 5 Digital Marketing tools. These are the most trending tools of the optimization world.

Today, all the online marketing companies are catching up with the SEO tools. They indeed save abundant time and efforts. You gain control in the online marketplace with analytical, marketing, and publishing abilities of these tools.

List of Top 5 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools

While there are numerous tools available, here are our best picks. These are the most popular tools and best ones as our say. However, many digital marketers might have different opinions about their effectiveness.

1. Ahrefs

One of the most popular tools to improve ranking. It is a wonderful link research tool with features like content explorer and site explorer. It also allows you to analyse anchor text density and trace broken links.

Ahrefs Packages:
  • Agency plan – US$ 999 per month – 5 users
  • Advanced plan – US$ 399 per month – 3 users
  • Standard – US$ 179 per month – single user
  • Lite – US$ 99 per month – single user

Also, offers a free trial to start with the tool.

2. Woorank

Woorank is a simple to use rapid SEO auditing tool. It generates instant auditing for your website’s SEO strength. A large number of marketers are using it to increase traffic, user engagement, and retention rate. The major features are anaudit, keyword tool, SEO monitoring, and site crawling.

Plans and Pricing:
  • Premium – US$ 179 per month
  • Pro – US$ 59 per month

It offers a free trial of two weeks.

3. WordStream

WordStream is a versatile tool that helps you to improvise keyword research. Users can find new keywords, research as well prioritize them. It also helps you manage your paid advertising account of Google Ad words.

Pricing and Plans:
  • WordStream Advisor – US$ 49 per month
  • Advisor for Agencies – US$ 49 per month

There is a free trial option of 7 days with wordstream.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is an excellent analytical software that helps you understand your competitor’s strategies. It allows you to research the link building, advertising, and paid and organic search of the competing sites.

Pricing and Plans:
  • Business – US$ 449 per month
  • Guru – US$ 229 per month
  • Pro – US$ 119 per month

SEMRush also offers customized plans as per your individual business needs.

5. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO performs an amazing number of tasks for developers and marketers. It reports you the exact data of the websites including back link checking and site exploring. You get a detailed data about your as well competitor’s website. It also lets you do a comparison with other websites. No free trial is available.

  • Api – US$ 399 monthly
  • Pro – US$ 99 monthly
  • Lite – US$ 49 monthly

Majestic SEO allows you to do a comparative analysis of your site against other websites.


Things do not work fairly all the times. At such times, you definitely need the help of the tools. Best digital marketing tools allow you to deliver the best results to your clients. You might come across many other well-performing tools. Above listed are the best picks to carry out a successful digital marketing campaign.

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