Link Building in SEO – The Beginner’s Guide

January 25, 2018

Link building in SEO as a vital SEO technique does not need any reinforcements. Let’s have a deeper look into the link building. If you are about to dive in to this vast sea of linking, this post guides you best. Know the importance and the best strategies for link building.

Links are essential to increase web traffic. Though it is an age old SEO practice, its methods keep changing. One needs to understand the importance of building high PR links. We have discussed in details, the major aspects of this vital optimization technique.

Basics of Link Building in SEO

The most basic factor to consider about link building in SEO is to focus on quality. The technique is same as it was two decades back. But the benchmarks are changed. Google now looks on link quality and not just volume part.

You might wonder what exactly high quality backlink means. The quality here refers to the quality of the web page which passes the link juice to your website.

How to Create a Healthy Link

The anatomy of the links will inform you major components. Understanding it, you will know how to create a backlink.

  • Anchor Tag
    Rather than be constrained by ideas for new products, services and new markets coming from just a few people, a Thinking Corporation can tap into the employees.
  • Referral place
    The hyperlink referral is the text covered inside between the quotation marks i.e. “href”. In short, the referral place is the URL of the link to which users are directed.
  • Anchor text
    Anchor texting is normally keyword rich to attract relevant searches and hence it is critical. Too many anchor texts with same text are not Google friendly. Anchor profile diversification is important.
  • Link Tag Closure
    The closure of link tag indicates the end of the link tag. It tells the search engines that the link to another website ends here.

The search engines also consider the external links and above factors on a web page.

The more high-quality backlinks your site has, the more chances of rankings.

Domain Authority and Relevancy

The first step towards link building is to identify website with high domain authority in the same niche as yours. To identify the authoritative website, you can analyse Google page rank and Alexa rank of the website. Reputed media portals also give you solid backlinks. Relevancy of the site pointing a link to your site is important too. Hence, the page ranking game is all about authority sites plus relevancy with your website.

What is Do Follow and No Follow Links ?

With the code of the link, you will understand if it is ado follow or no follow link. Search engines bots do not follow the No Follow links. Such links do not pass the link juice to the linked website. This gives bloggers a liberty of not allowing link-juice to the links they are attributing. However, humans will be able to follow the links but not search engines.

Dofollow links will allow the engines to follow them. This means the back linking is giving benefit to the linked website. In this case, both search engines and humans are able to follow the link.

Types of Link Building in SEO

  • Business Listing / Local Citation Links
  • High PR Links
  • Social Bookmarking Links
  • Directory Submission Links
  • High DA / Profile Creation Links
  • Sub Domain / Web 2.0
  • Classified Links
  • Image Sharing Links
  • Slideshare / Doc Sharing Links
  • Video Sharing Links..and more..


Linking building in SEO is important whether you want to focus on traffic or visibility or branding or revenue. To grow your website, you need to be a strong link builder. Keep following Thanksweb – One of the top SEO Expert in India for more information on link building SEO techniques.