Mobile Apps or Mobile Friendly Website ?

July 03, 2018

Businesses today have recognized the power of mobile friendly website and mobile applications. Various industry segments like fashion, education, and transport need applications.

Recently Google said it will be giving huge importance to the mobile friendly website. Since people rely on smartphones for getting services, apps are gaining popularity. But not every business can afford the expense of building apps. Can you just run your business effectively in the absence of app?

How to Choose Between Mobile App and Mobile Friendly Website

The question we address here is selecting between an mobile app and a mobile friendly website. A lot of factors are involved while making this important selection.

The first thing you need to do is list the win-win factors of mobile app and mobile friendly websites. There is no thumb rule about any one option. What makes it best is its suitability with your business requirements.

When You Should Go for Mobile Application

With the increased number of smartphones, mobile applications are making big rounds. All the businesses like shopping, retail, entertainment, and transportation rely on apps. Mobile apps are best when following factors are impacting your business in great amount.

  1. Is offline Access Important for your Business?

The best thing about the app is once it is installed, it can be used without internet. If it is a factor that will make big difference to your business, the mobile app is the best option. For example, you are into gaming and education, apps are the best.

  1. Type of Usage

Personalized usage like shopping is good with the mobile app rather than a mobile friendly website. The application gives higher personalized usage. App also gives you loyal customers for a long time. For example apps for managing your daily schedules are the best. People will always prefer apps over the website in such cases.

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  1. Management and Calculation

When it comes to managing your reports and calculations, apps are the best. People will not prefer to browse the website for reporting and calculations.

When Mobile Friendly Websites are Good

Though apps look good option at the first glance, a proper consideration is essential. Under certain usage conditions, mobile friendly websites are the best. If your business goals do not require, you can save the expense of app making.

  1. Simple and Quick

If your users are from the age group of occupation, not very tech savvy, the website is the best. Apps can be complicated for them. Operating apps require a certain level of friendliness with the technology. Websites are simple and quick to access.

  1. Higher Compatibility

Apps are sometimes developed for a particular platform like only Android. All apps are not developed for all the platforms. While a mobile friendly website can be browsed through any phone.

  1. No Storage Space Issue

Installing application requires storage space on the device. If the user is not agreeing with the amount of space it will occupy, he/she will not install the app. This issue does not arise with the websites.

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  1. Simple to Update

Compared to mobile applications, websites can be easily updated when required. Updating app is rather an expensive and time-consuming affair.

If you can fulfil your business goals well with the mobile friendly websites, it is always wise to overlook mobile apps. Both are best if they are rightfully serving your customers. Choose the one that can keep your customers satisfied. The option should be contributing to the growth of your business and revenues.