Understanding The Concept of Interruption Marketing

Understanding The Concept of Interruption Marketing
October 20, 2023

Opportunities are sometimes offered and sometimes created. It is said that if opportunities don’t knock, you must engage in building your own door to achieve your goals. In the realm of marketing, employing strategies that focus on creating opportunities is essential for your business to grow and develop. If you promise to put in all your efforts for the sake of your business’s success, you should focus on grabbing every opportunity that arises to promote your brand. Push yourself to take risks and face uncertainties bravely, as they’re crucial components of business.

If you can’t find an opportunity to promote your business, simply create one. Interruption marketing is one method through which you can create opportunities to promote your business effectively. Read further to understand the concept of interruption marketing and whether it is a hit or miss.

What is Interruption Marketing? 

Have you ever been engrossed in something fun or intriguing, only to be interrupted by an irrelevant advertisement? Or is your mailbox filled with unnecessary newsletters that you’ve been wanting to delete forever? If yes, then you’ve become a victim of interruption marketing.

As the name suggests, interruption marketing causes an interruption in your daily tasks and demands your attention, with the sole aim being brand promotion. A company opting for this type of marketing imposes itself by displaying its products and services to an audience without their consent. There is no target audience; thus, relevance isn’t a concern in interruption marketing. It has its own set of pros and cons that one should carefully analyze before considering this type of strategy for their business.

Permission Marketing and Interruption Marketing: As Divergent Strategies

In the year 1999, Seth Godin did the world a favour by introducing the idea of permission marketing. Permission marketing interrupts your daily tasks, but mind you, with consent. This type of marketing prioritizes user interest and relevance. Have you ever voluntarily signed up for newsletters? If yes, here you go; this is permission marketing. In this type of marketing, the target audience of an organization is willing to stay informed about its services and products from time to time. This method is respectful and considerate of people’s time and choices. Permission marketing is also cost-effective when compared with interruption marketing.

While Permission marketing promotes good user experience, on the other hand, interruption marketing is a self-centred approach that doesn’t prioritize user experience or needs. It readily interrupts users in various ways. Read further to get to know about a few methods of interruption marketing.

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Most Popular Types Of Interrupt Marketing

Television Advertisements

As we all know, the exposure guaranteed through television advertisements is impeccable. A well-designed advertisement can potentially become someone’s favourite interruption. Fortunately, creativity is widely appreciated in the area of advertising; thus, an eye-catching advertisement can quickly become the talk of the town, particularly the insta-town. Be it the people, especially well-known artists involved in the ad or the thoughtful message that it promotes, these are a few things that grab your audience’s attention whilst simultaneously promoting your brand on a large scale.


One of the most used ways of interruption marketing is telemarketing. Whether it turns out to be a hit or miss entirely depends on the receiver. If you’re lucky enough, you may find your target audience, and if your persuasion game is good, then that’s the cherry on top. On the other hand, contacting someone who is experiencing a bad day can lead you to go through one, too. Additionally, keeping customer lists can cost time and money.

Pre-roll Ads

This is probably one of the most annoying methods of interruption marketing, especially when you’re hurriedly looking for important information. Some ads can be skipped after a few seconds, whilst some feel like forever as they cannot be skipped. One way to up your pre-roll ad game is by providing content based on user behaviour, basically by employing data-driven strategies. Looking into this idea will possibly help you increase your business sales.


These were a few methods of interruption marketing that can be risky or advantageous, depending on your approach and planning. Remember that interruption marketing can be less interrupted if it focuses on relevant content. Sometimes, people tend to engage in mindless scrolling on social media sites; this is a great opportunity to introduce relevant ads to such an audience, as there are high chances of them exploring your products. We’re living in an era where it is nearly impossible to survive without social media; thus, making the most out of this platform for the sake of brand awareness is essential.

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